Salute! It's National Moscato Day

Salute! It's National Moscato Day

By David Johnson

In 2005, when Lil' Kim spat, “Still over in Brazil sippin Moscato..." in her banger "Lighters Up," she could only guess that she was at the vanguard of a contempo wine phenomenon. 

The sweet wine we call Moscato finds its origins in the Piedmont region of Italy and the Muscat grape. The Muscat is one of the world's oldest grapes and its high sugar content and lower tannin count gives that sweetness to the varietal. It makes Moscato ideal for pairing with spicy, sharp and bold foods or simply enjoying by itself as a desert wine.

"It’s a celebration... Clap, clap, bravo! Lobster and shrimp and a glass of Moscato..." ~ Drake

You'll find most Moscatos are white and sparking or semi-sparkling, but you'll also see still, pink (with a dash of Merlot in it for color) and far more rarely, reds. The flavors range from the sweetness of vanilla and caramel to fruity notes of peach, pear and nectarine to floral kisses of orange blossom, honeysuckle and jasmine.

Here's To the Easy Life

All of that, coupled with a lower ABV (around 10%), makes Moscato a totally approachable wine for you to savor and also very popular. Yeah, it can be rich and complex, but trust us when we say you don't need any advanced sommelier certs to drink this one deeply. It's an easy treat, all the way.

Today, May 9, is our day to celebrate and commemorate the universal appeal of Moscato. Pour yourself a glass (or two) and toast the easy life. Salute!


We're going to another rap banger for our toast on this one, Roscoe Dash's "Moscato" ::


"It's me, you and this Moscato"