Food & Wine Pairing: Charcuterie and Sangiovese

Food & Wine Pairing: Charcuterie and Sangiovese


Sassoregale Sangiovese Maremma Toscana




Mozzarella Cheese

Pecorino Toscano Cheese

Boves Cheese

Parmigiano Cheese

Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes

How to Mix

This one's up to you! Place meats and cheese on a large cutting board or serving platter however feels best. Really, there's no right way to plate it. Let your creativity shine. The saltiness of the meats and cheeses compliment fresh fruit, vegetables perfectly. Spiced dipping oils add dimension. Finish your board off with a bottle of delectable Sangiovese Maremma Toscana. 

Fun Facts

Charcuterie is the branch of cuisine dedicated to preserved and prepared meats. The ancient Romans were the creators of this amazingly tasty approach and we see the flavorful Italian influence in this board. That makes Sassoregale Sangiovese Maremma Toscana an awesome way to finish your board. This Tuscan wine is a ruby red, with an earthy nose and silky finish and is a brilliant companion to your charcuterie.