Make It: Mija Sangria Punch Bowl

Make It: Mija Sangria Punch Bowl


1 Bottle of Mija White Sangria

12 Ounce of 90+ Cellars Prosecco

1 Cinnamon Stick

Orange Slices for Garnish

Ice Cubes

How to Mix

Add ice and orange wedges to a large carafe. Pour in bottle of Mija White Sangria. Top off with Prosecco and zest with cinnamon to finish it out.

Fun Facts

'Tis the season for entertaining in a big way. That's awesome, but with crazy schedules and so many things to do, we all need a way to create yummy drink concoctions that say, "festive" and "fancy" without losing sight of "easy". Enter Mija Sangria. It's got the tastiness of homemade sangria and on-the-go convenience. This simple punch bowl from Swizl and Mija brings sparkle to any party and sure fire smiles to your guests.