Make It: The Aviation No. 1

Make It: The Aviation No. 1


2 Ounces of Gin

3/4 Ounce of Lemon Juice

3/8 Ounce of Maraschino

3/8 Ounce of Crème De Violette

Regular Ice

How to Mix

Add all ingredients to your shaker. Fill completely with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a coupe glass. Serve with a set of tin wings and a salute.

Fun Facts

Welcome to a cocktail that really lives up to its namesake. A gorgeous blue-violet color sets The Aviation No. 1 apart and hearkens to the skies that had recently been unlocked to manned flight when this cocktail was invented. Make this simply stunning cocktail and take your next get-together into the stratosphere.

Thanks to Weather Up for giving us a hand here!