Make It: The Gin Basil Spank

Make It: The Gin Basil Spank


2 Ounces of Gin

1 Ounce of Lemon Juice

2/3 Ounce of Simple Syrup

4 Bunches of Fresh Basil

How to Mix

Pick about 10 leaves of the basil. Give them a spank. Add lemon juice and simple syrup, then muddle. Fill the mixing glass with ice. Pour gin over the ice. Cap tightly with a shaker bottom and shake it up. Remove the shaker and double strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Garnish with a basil leaf and serve.

Fun Facts

The word “fresh” sits at the center of the word “refreshing.” Both words sit at the center of our thoughts when enjoying this breezy cocktail. The basil here is “spanked” to open up the herb and give the drink its special flavor. Add this to your mixology quiver for something that’s sure to perk you up with a decided kick.