October 25 -- Hey Ho, Let’s Go… PUNK Swizl Style!

October 25 -- Hey Ho, Let’s Go… PUNK Swizl Style!

Dust off that leather, get out those safety pins and shred your shirt. It’s time for Punk for a Day Day. Even if you never defiantly strutted to the dulcet tones of The Sex Pistols fist in the air, you can now.

Individuality is the name of the game today. Take what you want. Let your anti-establishment flag fly (even if you represent that establishment). There’s no need to shave your head into a nutty haircut or tell your boss off to celebrate. Take an extra-long shower. Use up the hot water. Don’t floss. Get your Starbucks black today. Buck the dress code at work. Crank up the tuneage in the car obnoxiously high. Drink the recipe below and play that music. LOUD.


You may recognize this drink as one called by another name traditionally, “The Irish Car Bomb.” At Swizl, we feel strongly that this name should disappear altogether. To associate something meant to bring joy and celebration with a painful time in Ireland’s history is just plain wrong. In response, we’re suggesting this new name, “The Dropkick,” both in honor of American Celtic-punkers “The Dropkick Murphys” and the unique nature of this active drink.

This is a shooter, so the idea is to drop in the shot and drink the concoction down before it curdles. It’s a funky, punky drink that will definitely get the party started.


1/2 Ounce of Bailey’s Irish Cream

1/2 Ounce of Jameson Irish Whiskey

1 Half-Pint of Guinness



Combine the Bailey’s and Jameson in a shot glass. Drop that mixed shot into the pint of Guinness. Drink it down!


Where better to start than at the beginning of the punk-rock movement? Formed in 1974 in Queens, NYC, The Ramones defined a sound and influenced a generation. This song embodies the anti-heroic, fist pumping rush that this day is all about. Turn it up!