Make It: The Fresh Bramble

Make It: The Fresh Bramble


2 Ounces of Gin

3/4 Ounce of Lemon Juice

3/4 Ounce of Simple Syrup

3 Ounces of Blackberries

How to Mix

Add all ingredients to your glass, holding one blackberry back. Muddle the blackberries. Top with crushed ice. Garnish with the remaining blackberry and serve.

Fun Facts

Fresh blackberries and tart lemon juice are dressed in gin and simple syrup to give this crisp cocktail its signature taste. Created in the Soho neighborhood of London in the late 1890s by Dick Bradsell, the drink was an homage to childhood memories of going blackberrying on the Isle of Wight. This cocktail is a classic for a reason. Fresh tastes and beautiful colors never go out of style.

Special thanks to Weather Up for lending a hand with this drink.

Pix :: Ha Lam