Make It: The Negroni

Make It: The Negroni


1 Ounce of Gin

1 Ounce of Campari

1 Ounce of Sweet Vermouth

Large, Cubed Ice

How to Mix

Add all ingredients to your glass. Add ice. Stir 5 to 6 times and serve.

Fun Facts

“When in doubt, Negroni!” This rule of thumb speaks to the powerful simplicity and balance of this giant of cocktails. Strong, alcohol-forward taste and a rich, orange-crimson color make this a steady go-to when you’re looking for something classic and grown-up. It pairs beautifully with equally strong foods. Steak dinner? Bacon on the menu? Stout cheeses? Negroni up and you won’t be disappointed.

Big ups to Weather Up for mixing this one up for us.

Pix :: Ha Lam