Make It: Merlot + Berry Cocktail

Make It: Merlot + Berry Cocktail


5 Ounces of CK Mondavi Merlot

1 Ounce of Crème De Cassis

Handful of Blackberries

Handful of Raspberries

Soda Water

How to Mix

Add ice to wine glass and pour in Crème De Cassis. Add in CK Mondavi Merlot. Top with soda water and garnish with frozen berries.

Fun Facts

Velvety Merlot is back and with this CK Mondavi and Family take on the varietal, it's easy to see why. Its silky, berry profile also makes it amazing for wine cocktails. This mixed drink builds on that profile, coupling the wine with Crème De Cassis, fresh raspberries and blackberries for a blend targeted at the berry lover in all of us.